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Social Media Marketing on OVERDRIVE

How many sales did you get from twitter today?

If your answer is none then we have a serious problem. Whether you are still a brick and motor business stuck in the stone age or a progressive new age business that is on the verge of a break through then this article will help you.



#1 – Get online

This is not a simple statement I’m using to make light of the fact that you are no where near the social media marketing champion you should be. I want to emphasize how important it is to get your company on EVERY social media platform available for business. All social accounts share the common attribute of being a community to connect with others but more importantly, different platforms are tailored towards different demographics. Make sure when you are designing your strategy that you take into account that every generation has it’s favorite way to connect and you should put the majority of your focus and advertizing budget towards that particular sector.

#2 – Build Your Own Community

The great part about social accounts is they allow you to not only connect with your customers but allow build a community around them. It’s a good idea to start a group (available on Linkedin and Facebook) that allows you to stay in constant contact with your customers and begin to convert them into fans. One strategy that we implement is promoting special Group Only discounts that incentives activity on your group page. This is especially powerful when you tie the discount to a action, for example you give them a 10% coupon to your store if they share a specific post. This will add not only to the power of the individual post but also cause your group to go viral.

#3 – Entice Brand Activists

It’s very inexpensive and effective to pay people to promote your brand on their own social media page. You leverage the trust the individual has with their friends but also create a serious intrigue since this is a untapped method. The idea that one day your friend was promoting “xyz” company creates an conversation. Then your brand begins to pop up throughout other accounts increasing your perceived authority for your niche. We implemented this for a SEO Company in Santa Monica and had excellent success. The amount of traffic to their website tripled in a single week.

The future is here, I’ll give you a second to get acclimated but then get active.


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